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BMW E21 323i Phase 1 FULL 1979

The BMW 323i is the most sportive and powerful version of the E21, this makes this car a very special model within the BMW classic cars.  This unit is a first phase production.  There are 2 E21 production phases with some differences such as the chrome mirrors and the dashboard. Nor Classic sells this 323 that is possibly the most complete unit available in the market, considering all the features it has. We invite you to hear the amazing engine sound of this car. Watch the video below.

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Video + drive test
General Info
  • BMW
  • E21 323I phase 1 FULL OPTION 1979
  • Production date: 05/1979
  • Registration date: 27/06/1979
  • KMS: 174,500
  • Matching number engine. Compression test done (dry and cold) 150Psi (+-10%) in all 6 pistons. So we can confirm that the engine is in optimal condition. You can also hear the engine sound and see the exhaust smoke in our video.
  • Matching color
  • Color: BMW Polaris Metallic / Matching
  • Upholstery : Recaro Blue Fabric
  • Service book
  • 4 owners
  • 05/1979 The car was sold new in the Canary Islands
  • 02/1985  The car was bought by a person who lived in Madrid
  • 08/1988 The third owner bought the car and the car started to be maintained in the repair shop of the fourth owner.
  • 08/1991 The owner of the repair shop where the car was maintained bought it
  • 04/2018 Nor Classics bought the car in Madrid to the owner of the repair shop


  • Sport Gearbox (Dog Leg)
  • Limited slip differential fully review (reparation invoice of 1130 eur)
  • Power steering wheel
  • Air conditioning
  • Recaro seats
  • Sunroof
  • Opening back windows
  • Right side mirror
  • Sport Steering
  • E21 two tones BBS rims
  • Rear sunblind
  • Dashboard without fissures (very rare on this model)



As we can see in the car documents,  the car has been maintained since 1988 and 67,000 by his 4th owner who has a repair shop in Madrid.

22/11/88 67,328 kms — 06/02/92 85,500 kms — 18/10/92 99,326 kms — 15/10/93 112,459 kms — 04/09/94 119,450 kms — 28/12/95 135,856 kms — 05/10/96 147,000 kms — 13/09/97 165,265 kms — 20/08/98 170,112 kms — 04/04/09 171,562 kms — 15/03/2018 173,931 kms

Disassembly of the engine with 170,112 kms (valve oil seals, segments, cylinder head, rings…etc). This became something necessary after some time with these engines.

The car is fully review and ready to enjoy.