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I am Diego Casado, manager of Nor Classics.

It all started in the 90s when my father, passionate for cars, started to buy some units of sports car that he has admired during his childhood and with the years they have become affordable.

The first idea was to buy and keep some special units of classic cars to enjoy them during our free time, but after some years we realised that the car value was increasing and our hobby was becoming a good investment. 

This was the beginning of Nor Classics with the aim of offering our customers our experience and knowledge of the market to propose special units selected by us.

We strongly believe that, with the changes that the automotive industry is experiencing, classic cars are going to increase even more in value.


Our knowledge of the product, experience and technical training allow us to deeply analyze every car we manage. Before putting our cars on the market we examine more than 50 control points (engine, transmission, chassis, bodywork, interiors, upholstery, dynamic testing). We create a detailed report of each car that we place at our customers disposal.


NOR Classics is an international company. We speak English, French and Spanish. Most of our sales are done outside of Spain, so we have a good deal of experience doing international operations. We provide our customers with a maximum of facilities in order to make the purchase easy and trustworthy for them. We work with different transportation companies and we can also show or deliver a car (as far as possible) for the comfort of our customers. We also know the required documentation to import-export the car.


Since the early 90s we have been living intensely the passion for cars. If you want to know the cars we have dealt with, please go to “Cars sold”. As you can see in Nor Classics we work with different brands, although BMW is of special interest and importance to us.